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Christine came to live in the area over 40 years ago. Apart from doing Bed and Breakfast she has also been a partner in a sheepskin and deer skin tannery and various craft type shops. She is interested in many crafts mostly involving needles of various kinds but regards gardening as a spectator sport!
Christine enjoys sharing her home with visitors and meeting interesting people of all ages from all parts of the world.

Cameron’s parents were both proud Glaswegians and his maternal grandparents were Highlanders from Cawdor near Inverness.
Due to his father’s career, Cameron experienced a nomadic childhood. He was raised in Germany, England, Malawi and the pleasant suburb of Georgetown in Washington D.C. Despite the wonderful attractions of places like these, Cameron fell in love with Scotland when he returned to complete his secondary school education and resurrected his connections with the Highlands.  

Cameron and Christine enjoy walking with their playful Fox Red Labrador, Isabella, in the surrounding hills. The people of Fort Augustus are very welcoming and there is no better place to live in or visit. 

Oaklands B&B Fort Augustus
Oaklands B&B Fort Augustus Oaklands B&B Fort Augustus
The Forestry Commission and Glengarry Heritage Centre opened Daingean Trail in 2005.
Daingean’s history stretches back to the period before the main Highland Clearances.

Oaklands B&B Fort Augustus Oaklands B&B Fort Augustus Oaklands B&B Fort Augustus
The enjoyable walk from Fort Augustus along the Caledonian Canal to Kytra Locks is about 2.5 miles and takes an hour.

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